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Identifying Your Brand Story

We always hear people talk about “finding/ understanding your WHY” but when you find it how do you articulate it to your audience? In this blog I will teach you how to identify and articulate your brand story which will inevitably help people embody the culture of what you are trying to build!


“Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide.” - Morgan Harper Nichols


The Outline

In 2020 I was on a huge Clubhouse App wave! At the time I liked clubhouse a bit more than other social media platforms because you had to verbally articulate what you do instead of flaunt pictures of things or boost your followers to make yourself look better. When I was in these rooms I met a guy named Coach Glenn Brooks Jr. and in his rooms he made people identify these 4 questions below.

Who are you?

What do you do?

How do you do it?

Who do you do it for?

Now lets break these questions down and show you how you can use these to articulate your story!

Who are you: Now this can be answered with who you are, who your brand is, and what it stands for. A lot of people make the mistake of saying “what they do” when you ask them who they are and that is not the answer people are looking for. People want to feel like they are an insider of your brand not just someone who is there just to be there.

What do you do: Now when you break this down you will break down exactly what your brand does to a tee! The biggest part to keep in mind is using this section to find and articulate your UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION as well. This means that you don’t only tell people what you do but you also articulate why they should pick you over your competitors!

How do you do it: How exactly do you help/serve people? When you are constructing that brand story you have to understand that people also want to know how you can help them. They want to know EXACTLY how you do what you do so they can mentally assess if they want to buy into your brand. If you cannot articulate how you do what you do you will not get the brand leverage you are looking for.

Now everyone talks about identifying your NICHE/ INDUSTRY which is very crucial but I want you to dig in deeper on this by answering this question; When you first started your brand what group of people made you most passionate about what you do?

For ex; I do it to help people get rid of that digital anxiety. I didn’t have someone like me when I was growing my business to help guide my brand to the right place so I want to be that person for other people.

I hope this slight example gave you an idea of the direction to go.

Putting it all together

Now you are probably asking yourself, “How do I take all of this and turn it into a viable brand story that I can articulate to others?”. Well I am glad to help you identify that. I will give a full example on how I use these 4 examples to construct my brand story.

“My name is Darryln Johnson and I am the owner of Steeze Marketing LLC, the first international marketing/ branding company out of Midwest. Steeze Marketing focuses on providing elite marketing and branding services to unique brands and creating a personalized experience for every brand by helping them identify their brand story.

I created this brand to help people who have anxiety about branding and marketing! These are two very important things business and most people are taught the complete incorrect way of navigating them. Steeze Marketing gives people the tools and empowerment to take their brands to the next level by using the resources that they already have.

This brand is built for the underdog. Many people SAY they want to WORK for something but do not put the work in behind their words. Steeze Marketing was built to help you keep the promises that you made for yourself.

Are you ready to take your brand to new heights ? Tap in with us today.”

In conclusion, In this blog I gave you 4 questions to help you identify how to build/ tell your brand story. I challenge you to identify your brand story and tell it to anyone who will listen until you perfect the verbiage! YOU GOT THIS!

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