The importance of brand identity

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

“Branding” is a word that gets misused very often in the world. Branding your business is about much more than getting a logo, buying a website, and buying an office space! Even though these things will go into the branding of your business brand identity dives a bit deeper into things as we will in this blog.



“If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you.” - David Brier


Important Definitions

So I think it is important to start off with these 3 definitions so that we can be on the same page throughout this blog:

Brand: How people perceive you/ your company/ entity.

Branding: The action you take to build certain image.

Brand identity: The collection of tangible brand elements that together create one brand image.

Now that those definitions are out of the way let’s really get into the meat of this thing!

What exactly is it?

I am glad you asked!

When you are building a brand you use the process of branding to create brand identity (Read That Again). When it comes down to brand identity it is important to be distinct, specific, and deep with everything that you are trying to build! Think of brand identity like you are cooking something; You can have a superb recipe, gourmet food, rare spices, stainless pot’s and pan’s, and the newest appliances on the market and guess what?! You could still mess up the meal!

This analogy goes perfectly with brand identity! You can have a killer logo, an amazing website with the correct SEO & Aesthetics, a plan that you have had for years, and a fire business plan but still have a brand that is not thriving.... That is because sometimes we focus on the wrong things when it comes down to creating our brand identity!

At Steeze Marketing LLC we preach that YOU ARE THE BRAND and THE BRAND IS WHO YOU ARE. Meaning that your brand should reflect everything that you believe in or preach! Here is a tangible example for you; We are in the era of “business owner see, business owner do”. Just because you see other thriving business owners following trends, dancing on social media, and honestly doing things that does not really fit their brand it does not mean that you have to taint your brand by doing it.

“Just because someone is thriving in the moment does not mean that the identity of their brand is solid.” - Darryln Johnson

Your Brand Identity

After you read what is above you may have a bit of anxiety about what your next step is in building your brand identity so here are a few things that will help you. I will explain how STEEZE MARKETING LLC helps people find their brand identity.

We identify if you need a “word mark” or a “Logo”.

When it comes to brands that use word marks it is important that the font is consistent and clean. A vector image is always preferred.

When it comes to brands that use a logo always make sure that everything is consistent across the board! Even when use variations of the logo it should still be the same brand colors that you have used all along. A vector image is always preferred here as well!

We help you identify the font and the secondary font of your brand.

When it comes down to your fonts they should match what you do! Ex; I would not use a cursive font for a DYNAMIC brand. It would be completely off brand.

You have to make sure you stay on brand with your fonts because this will be a way for your customers to automatically identify you in the future without even seeing your logo or name. Fonts are just as important as every other part of branding your business.

We help you find style consistency.

Again, style consistency is not one size fit all! Ex; I am a very vintage/retro content creator. Everything I put out has a very distinct style and vibe. People know that if they see a “huji” edit or a 90’s vibe on their timeline it is probably Steeze that put it there.

That is almost a perfect example of style consistency. People know my style, they embrace my style, and they are starting to embody the culture of my style which has grown the brand tremendously.

Brand X Style Consistency = Aesthetic Elevation

Theme Line/ Tagline.

Now, in my opinion, this is not actually something that every brand needs but it is something that is a huge plus. Just like font, logo’s, etc, a theme line/ tagline will help your perspective customer have something else to latch onto when it comes to your brand.

This line can be catchy, triggering, funny, or just annoying, either way it goes this will help a potential customer get a gist of what your brand is about.

Here are some examples:

Last but certainly not least, YOUR “Why”

Simon Sinek preaches that everything starts with WHY! When people know the WHY they buy the WHAT no matter HOW it is sold to them.

We use people’s “why” to help them build their brand identity. We use this ideology because we understand people and we understand that people want something to believe in. People want something to inspire them. People want something to latch onto! So why not let them latch on to your brand?

In conclusion, a strong brand with a solid/ identifiable brand identity attracts more customers that are ready to spend money on their products! If you are looking to elevate your brand start by looking at your current BRAND IDENTITY and work from there! You will not be disappointed!

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