Kyle Weems

Kyle Weems is a professional basketball vet out of Topeka, KS. Kyle currently plays in Bologna, ITALY where he is Italian Champion!

Kyle’s was part of “BETA” for a program that we created for pro athletes called “Steeze Eminence”. Here are the perks of Steeze Eminence below:

 -  Mindset Coaching With Eric Thomas certified speaker Jorge Sierra. This will help us get to know how your brain works.

    ⁃    Vision call: The first vision call is us helping you lay out your brand. We talk about things like;

What is your goal for this year personally?

What type of brand are you trying to build?

What is your “why”?

Have you ever worked with any brands? If so who?

What platforms are you on?

Do you have an open sponsorship account yet?

After the first call we will create a plan and help you execute it within a viable time frame.

    ⁃    When we help you create this plan it will be with your vision in mind! Example; if you wanted to build a brand that has to do more with art we will help you get on sites like “BeHance” which is more geared towards Adobe/ art projects. NONE OF OUR PLANS are one sized fit all! Every plan we help create will be tailored towards the specific athletes progression and growth!
   ⁃    We provide you with a brand building guide for you to look over on your own time.
   ⁃    We provide a graphic from our fire graphic designers 🔥 

Are you looking to be apart of Steeze Eminence? Tap in today!


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